Telehealth Visits in Patient Homes in Good Shape for 2015 Session

A bill headed for the Senate Health Committee would require insurance companies to pay for services from physicians that are conducted via a two-way Internet video conference to the patient’s home computer. Hospitals and most insurance companies appear on board after killing a similar 2014 bill. that was pushed by ZoomCare.

Healthcare consumers could soon be able to meet with their doctor or nurse practitioner via two-way Internet video conference from the comfort of their homes, if a legislative recommendation becomes law next year.


ZoomCare Has Its Eye on Expansion

The Lund Report
Dr. Dave Sanders has big ambitions for his neighborhood clinic model, and is heading into California, opening surgery centers in Portland, getting into the insurance business and looking into Medicare and Medicaid

It’s no secret that Dr. Dave Sanders has far-reaching plans for ZoomCare, which he cofounded in 2006. Determined to become a global trend setter, he’s convinced our current standard of care will become passe – along with those ivory tower hospitals.


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