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X-Ray and Tanning Bed Inspections in Jeopardy Without Support for Fee Increase

The Oregon Health Authority’s Public Health Division said the state would not be able to meet the responsibilities of the Radiation Protection Services without a significant fee increase for X-rays and tanning beds, but the division’s proposal has run into resistance from Sen. Chip Shields who would like the state to seek more input from businesses hit with the fee hike.

A public health official warned the Senate Health Committee on Monday that the state would have to cut back on inspections of X-ray machines and would have to disband enforcement of tanning beds altogether, unless the Legislature increases fees that have not been raised in almost a decade.

Senate Votes to Set Tanning Ban Age Limit at 17

The Senate approved HB 2896 on a 17-11 vote, but to gain the support of Sen. Chip Shields, the bill was weakened from the House version, which would make it illegal for teens to tan under the age of 18

April 22, 2013 — The Senate voted 17-11 on Monday to pass a less restrictive version of a teenage tanning salon ban than the one that passed the House overwhelmingly, prohibiting the practice for children under 17 without a doctor’s note.

Tanning Lobby Wins Concessions on Teen Tan Ban

Sen. Laurie Monnes Anderson, D-Gresham, favors limiting the ban to 17, over the objections of the Knight Cancer Institute that 17-year-olds are most at-risk of developing melanoma from tanning beds

April 5, 2013 -- The tanning lobby won a major concession today in the Senate Health Committee, which voted to scale back a ban on carcinogenic tanning beds for minors.

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