Sen. Alan Bates

Physician and Sen. Alan Bates Remembered as Healthcare Champion

Often at a loss of words after the news of his sudden death on Friday, healthcare leaders reflect on the legacy of Sen. Alan Bates and look forward with trepidation about how healthcare policy will evolve without him.

Sen. Alan Bates, D-Medford, died suddenly last Friday, putting state leaders and healthcare advocates in a state of shock as they remembered one of the fathers of the Oregon Health Plan, who was a champion to the end for better healthcare for all Oregonians, both as a legislator and an osteopathic physician.

Bates Gears Up for Southern Oregon Rematch Against Republican Dotterrer

The healthcare establishment has come out solidly behind the doctor and 14-year-veteran of politics from Ashland, but Republican business interests are backing Col. Dave Dotterrer in a rematch of the closest race from 2010, when Democratic Sen. Alan Bates held on by fewer than 300 votes.

One of Oregon’s healthcare leaders is in the political fight of his life this fall, with a rematch against a formidable Republican opponent who came within 300 votes of knocking off Bates in 2010.

Republicans Stage Fight Over Expanded Home Care Commission

After a personal appeal from Sen. Bates to Sen Winters, SB 1542 skirted through the Senate Wednesday, giving senior citizens a public option to meet their long-term care needs. If the House agrees, the Home Care Commission would expand beyond its Medicaid clientele to serve people paying for in-home caregivers with their own money.

Editor's Note: Deschutes County has several private home care agencies. An earlier version of this article mistakenly said there were no home care agencies in part of Sen. Tim Knopp's district, but his district is entirely in Deschutes County. We regret the error.

Colonoscopy Bill Prohibits Extra Charges for Removing Polyps

Kaiser Permanente, Health Net, Cigna and Regence BlueCross BlueShield had been among the insurers to charge fees, though Regence said the charges had been a mistake and now supports the bill.

A divided Senate Thursday found an election-year issue it can get behind -- free colonoscopies, even if a physician has to remove polyps during the screening.

Prescription Drug Synchronization Bill on Breezy Path through Legislature

Sen. Alan Bates has pushed a bill that will help eliminate unnecessary trips to the drug store by allowing pharmacists to develop prescription drug plans with patients when chronic medications are refilled on the same date each month. The coordination of drug refills should save money and lives by making it easier for patients to adhere to their medication regimens.

The House Health Committee passed a bill Wednesday that will help consumers with multiple medications cut down on their trips to the drug store and allow them to get all of their long-term medications filled at the same

Health Committee Approves Basic Health Plan Study on First Day of Session

House Bill 4109 would cost an estimated $60,000 and task the Oregon Health Authority with studying the concept of a state-run health plan for working-class Oregonians who don’t qualify for Medicaid. It is opposed by Rep. Jason Conger, who didn’t want to restrict options.

The drive toward a Basic Health Plan for working-class Oregonians leaped over its first hurdle, as House Bill 4109 passed out of the House Health Committee 7-1 on the first day of the 2014 session.

PEBB Set to Overhaul Medical Insurance Contract

Dr. Alan Bates, a Democratic senator from Medford, helped craft a fixed budget for the Public Employees Benefit Board that would be able to control costs through innovation. The doctor also chided PEBB on offering perks through self-reporting in its smoking cessation program.


OHSU Scholarship Bill Passes Budget Committee Over Bates’ Objections

Sen. Alan Bates, an osteopathic physician and Democratic senator from Jackson County, said the bill was discriminatory because it gives money to students at Oregon Health & Science University and not the osteopathic medical school in Lebanon.


June 13, 2013 — The Committee on Ways & Means on Wednesday passed Senate Bill 2 — giving $4.9 million in scholarships to Oregon Health & Science University for doctors and other healthcare professionals who agree to serve in rural and underserved areas.


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