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Eli Lilly Amendment Exits Oregon Legislature as it Entered: Quietly

House Bill 4110 passes the House, requiring insurance companies to maintain coverage for people in police custody awaiting trial, putting taxpayers off the hook for those medical expenses.

The amendment that would restrict pharmacists from dispensing generic insulin slipped out of the Capitol in the same way it appeared -- quietly, in an irregular committee at an odd hour.

The Joint Capital Construction budget subcommittee voted to delete the amendment from House Bill 4110 at its 7:45 p.m. meeting on Wednesday. The full Ways & Means Committee approved HB 4110 without the amendment at its 8 p.m. meeting on Thursday.

Hoyle Pushes Amendment for Eli Lilly, Limiting Generic Insulin for Diabetics

The amendment to House Bill 4110 would require pharmacists to get special permission from doctors to prescribe generic insulin, which could hit the market as early as next year. The Eli Lilly amendment threatens the underlying bill, which requires insurance companies to pay for medical costs when an insured person is in police custody but not convicted of a crime.

House Majority Leader Val Hoyle, D-Eugene, has slipped an amendment for pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly into an unrelated healthcare bill that will protect its patented insulin drug against generic competition while Eli L

Salem Reps File ‘Bad Actor Bill’ to Force End to Salem Health Lawsuit

HB 3309 would allow the Oregon Health Authority director to kick off a CCO member and lower its compensation. Rep. Brian Clem said he filed the bill to end a court battle in his district that threatens the entire CCO model.

May 3, 2013 — The Legislature could soon be wading into the ugly dispute between Salem Health and its coordinated care organization, Williamette Valley Community Health.

Hospital Provider Tax Takes Center Stage

Rep. Val Hoyle is convening a group of bipartisan legislators to move the tax forward

January 24, 2013 -- Legislators are gearing up to renew the hospital provider tax that supports the Oregon Health Plan and is expected to generate about $600 million over the next two years.

Legislation Aims to Protect Seniors from Financial Abuse

House Bill 4084 makes it easier for law enforcement to access financial and medical records of seniors during an abuse investigation

March 8, 2012 – Before adjourning, the Oregon Legislature passed a law making it easier to investigate abuse among people over age 65. House Bill 4084 allows investigating agencies to look at the financial and medical records of seniors, extends the statute of limitations on certain elder abuse crimes (including theft and robbery) from two years to six years, and removes the ability to expunge these crimes from a person’s criminal record.

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