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More Oregonians Had Health Insurance in Q1 of 2018 – But Fewer Got it at Work

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Providence Health Plan covers more Oregonians than any other insurer, including a significant share who buy individual plans on the Affordable Care Act-created exchange.

Providence Threatens to Leave Oregon Insurance Market Over Bill that Would Ensure Abortion Access

House Bill 3391, the comprehensive reproductive health bill, requires abortion, vasectomies and contraceptive care be covered at no additional out-of-pocket costs to consumers, gives postpartum care to low-income unauthorized immigrants, and adds further clarity to stop insurers from discriminating against transgender individuals.

Providence Health Plan has threatened to pull out of the state health insurance market if they are forced to cover abortion services, citing First Amendment rights in an effort to block a bill that requires coverage of abortion and other reproductive health services with no additional cost-sharin

PEBB Slides Under Cost Caps for Biennium at Negotiation Table

The Public Employees Benefit Board signed off on 2017 premium rates for its menu of health plans, which after extensive negotiation, came in at a 4 percent hike, for an average of 3.2 percent over two years. A Providence researcher also showed the health engagement module is lowering costs for people with more complex medical needs.

Harder-nosed negotiations between the Public Employees Benefit Board and its insurers should allow the health plan for state workers and university employees to meet the budget limits set by the Legislature for the 2015-2017 biennium.

Jack Friedman Steps Down; Interim Successor Chosen

Long-standing policy director Tina Edlund joins consulting firm

After announcing his retirement more than a year ago, Jack Friedman is finally bowing out as CEO of Providence Health Plan on July 1. Originally he planned to leave in January, but agreed to remain until his successor had been chosen.

Which Oregon and Washington Insurance Execs Earned the Most in 2014?

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The Lund Report took a comprehensive look at the compensation paid to Oregon and Washington health insurance execs last year, and, for the most part, they’ve done exceedingly well, with a few execs breaking the million dollar mark. Our analysis also includes the salaries paid to the high-ranking employees at the coordinated care organizations which provide care to more than 1 million Oregonians and also offer Medicare coverage.

The CEOs of health insurers in Oregon and Washington were paid handsomely last year, even though several execs, among them Jack Friedman, ended up taking a pay cut. And, their coordinated care counterparts followed closely behind.

Insurers Ready to Meet Federal Exchange Transparency Requirement

But transparency advocates say 2016 is not soon enough and that this information needs to be available now.

Several insurers in Oregon say they are on board with an upcoming federal requirement that aims to create an easier and more transparent process for finding your doctor on the federal exchange. 

Health Net President Chris Ellertson Leads with 86 Percent Salary Increase

Looking at the executive compensation among health insurance executives in 2012, John Stellmon, who retired from Regence last April, was the highest paid, earning $1.8 million, a 537% increase from 2011

April 17, 2013 – The profit margins of Oregon’s health insurance companies remained razor thin last year, but that didn’t hinder any of their top executives from taking home bigger paychecks.


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