Policy Board Wishlist: Recruit Providers; Improve Medicaid; Tackle Opioid Addiction

The public board that guides Oregon Health Authority policy is making progress on multiple fronts, but may need action from the Legislature to meet the state’s healthcare goals.

The jugglers on the Oregon Health Policy Board kept their balls in the air on Tuesday as they explored a raft of issues facing the state: expanding and supporting the healthcare workforce; making Medicaid more effective throug

Drug Transparency Bill Clears First Hurdle

A separate bill to require health insurers to be more transparent about costs and formularies for consumers did not pass. Drugmakers, who helped spur the opioid crisis, are now profiting off the epidemic by jacking up the price of overdose treatment Naloxone.

The House Health Committee cleared the drug manufacturer transparency bill on a 8-2 vote, with Republicans Rep. Knute Buehler of Bend and Rep. Rich Vial of Wilsonville joining the Democrats in the effort to force drug companies to explain the escalating rise in drug prices.

House Health Bows to OMA Pressure, Passing Weakened Opiate Bill

Successful lobbying from the Oregon Medical Association blocked Rep. Greenlick and Attorney General Rosenblum from passing legislation that would have held physicians criminally responsible for open-ended use of narcotics for pain amid a prescription opioid epidemic that kills 33,000 Americans a year. OMA later responded to the article.

The House Health Committee passed a heavily watered down bill to curtail excessive opioid prescriptions, caving to pressure from the Oregon Medical Association.


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