Greenlick Wants State, CCOs, NAMI to Strike Deal on Psychiatric Meds

Psychiatric medications are carved out of the purview of the CCOs, limiting their ability to fully integrate mental healthcare. The organizations have tried repeatedly to remove this restriction, and this year the state will require them to allow any patient to stay on their preferred medication.

Rep. Mitch Greenlick, D-Portland, has asked the Oregon Health Authority to negotiate with representatives from the National Alliance on Mental Illness if the state agency wishes to give more power to coordinated care organizations to manage psychiatric drugs.

FamilyCare CEO Insists His Organization Isn't Going Anywhere

In the continued battle between the state and Oregon’s second-largest Medicaid provider over reimbursement, the Health Authority is soliciting a backup CCO that could undercut FamilyCare. Meanwhile, the 2016 rates for the CCOs show a pattern of higher payment for those with hospital monopolies.

In the latest salvo in its chess game with the Portland-area coordinated care organization FamilyCare, the Oregon Health Authority issued a memorandum on the eve of Thanksgiving to the other 15 CCOs asking for takers to displace FamilyCare in case of an emergency.


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