Loan Repayment Program Benefits Urban Areas More than Rural

Because the program re-established in 2013 is so focused on serving the Medicaid program, new providers in urban areas that have clinics focused heavily on the Oregon Health Plan are much more likely to receive help than new rural providers. Less than one-third of the recipients are practicing in the state’s hinterlands.

A loan repayment program that was created as part of the federal Medicaid waiver setting up the coordinated care organizations has benefited urban Oregon much more than the rural parts of the state.

Bay Area, St. Charles Bend Hit Hardest in CMS Penalties; Adventist Shows Highest Gain

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These penalties and rewards are a result of a measure known as value-based purchasing which CMS introduced to encourage hospitals to improve inpatient care.

Oregon hospitals fared well under Medicare’s value-based purchasing program, based on federal data of more than 3,500 hospitals.


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