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Many Homeowners Unaware of Lead Contamination

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The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recommend routine blood lead testing for all children between the ages of one and six

November 15, 2012 -- Greig Warner, lead risk assessor for the Multnomah County Lead Poisoning Prevention Program, sometimes goes a month without being called out to inspect a home suspected to be lead contaminated – and sometimes he visits as many as two families per day. “I've just been buried lately,” he said.

Childhood Lead Action Level Drops, But Funding Lags

The Lund Report
Removing the Source of Exposure Critical to Treating Lead Poisoning

October 29, 2012 -- Until May of this year, the Centers for Disease Control's “action level” for blood poisoning in children was 10 micrograms per deciliter. Now the CDC has set what its website calls the “level of concern” for blood-lead poisoning at five micrograms per deciliter – but just what that means for families, healthcare providers and local governments remains to be seen.

Years After Its Ban, Lead Paint Exacts a Toll on Human Health

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Data says poor, minority children are still hardest hit – but the problem affects everybody

October 16, 2012 -- In 2005, Tamara Rubin, her husband and four children were living in the Irvington neighborhood in northeast Portland, in a home that had been placed on the National Historic Registry. She and her husband decided to repaint the home and restore it to its original integrity, so they refinanced the home and started interviewing contractors.

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