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Kaiser Shifts Plans In Lane County

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Oregon’s largest commercial health insurer, Kaiser Permanente, has dropped plans to buy and develop a 20-acre parcel in Eugene, even as Kaiser continues to expand in the South Willamette Valley.

Trillium Pushes Bill to Force Lane County Doctors To Take Medicaid

Some primary care providers have balked at Trillium's reimbursement rates, leaving 12,500 people without a primary care doctor. HB 3300 would mandate that those holdouts accept their “fair share” of Medicaid members if they want to continue taking care of teachers and state employees.

The House Rules Committee appears ready to pass a bill that would force primary care doctors to see Medicaid patients in Lane County if they want to also care for more lucrative patients from the Oregon Educators Benefit Board and the Public Employees Benefit Board.

Lane County State's Top Fetal-Infant Mortality Rate

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That rate is prevalent and statistically significant regardless of other factors

September 9, 2010 -- Lane County, home of Oregon’s flagship university, has a high rate of fetal-infant mortality (8.25), a statistic commonly regarded as an indicator of the health and well-being of a population. 

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