Knute Buehler

Can Gov. Kate Brown Sell Oregonians On Her Vision For The State?

Oregon's governor has been in office four years yet faces a competitive race.

When Gov. Kate Brown was first swept into office by scandal, she benefited from comparisons to the man she was replacing, Gov. John Kitzhaber.

Reporters often characterized Kitzhaber as a lone wolf, a policy wonk, private.

Brown was different.

Abortion Battle Moves To Center Stage In Oregon

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With an anti-abortion measure on the ballot and differences in the governor's race, abortion will be a hot-button issue in the next few months.

Only once in more than a decade have Oregon voters been asked to weigh in on abortion.

But now, driven by three distinct developments, abortion promises to take center stage politically in a state widely regarded as the most pro-choice in the nation.

Brown Gets Large Donations from Centene and ONA; Cambia Backs Buehler

Rep. Knute Buehler has spent $1.3 million in the past eight weeks as he works to fend off challengers Greg Wooldridge, backed by Right to Life, and Sam Carpenter, who has the support of former Senate candidate and Oregon Medical Association past president Monica Wehby.

Centene Corporation and the Oregon Nurses Association are spending big to help Democratic Gov. Kate Brown get elected, while Republican state Rep.

What Knute Buehler Doesn’t Understand

The author contends that Buehler continues to work against efforts that protect access to comprehensive healthcare coverage, including contraception.

OPINION -- In case you missed it, Oregon gubernatorial candidate Knute Buehler and I have been engaged in debate about his claim to be a “pro-choice” candidate.

Buehler Talks Mental Health and Local Control as He Weighs Governor Bid

The freshman Republican representative flirted with a run for the governor's office next year but he told supporters in an email Tuesday that he opted to run again for his current office instead. Recently, he shared concerns about the top health policy subjects on people’s minds, including the sale of Lane County CCO Trillium to Centene, and the struggle for the coordinated care organizations to improve mental health services.

Rep. Knute Buehler, a Republican representative from Bend, is fresh off his first year in the Oregon Legislature, but the orthopedic surgeon has already been weighing a challenge to Gov. Kate Brown in next year’s special gubernatorial election.

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