Jails Starting To Treat Inmates’ Addictions

Jails are a good place to intervene because 20 percent of inmates used heroin or opioids before being incarcerated.

At a time when the U.S. government is trying to deal with a nationwide opioid epidemic, many jails across the country are only now rolling out medicines to help inmates overcome addiction. And most of those jails dispense only one of the drugs currently available.

Bill Restores Medicaid for State Hospital Patients and Prisoners Upon Release

SB 233 helps close a gap in health benefits when former prison inmates and state hospital patients return to society by asking the state to suspend rather than terminate Medicaid while such people are living in state institutions. It also ensures that prisons as well as jails save on hospital costs for inmates.

A bill making its way through the House should ensure that people leaving prison and the state hospital have immediate access to Medicaid, and allow the state to save millions each year by charging the federal health program for hospital care provided to inmates outside of state institutions.

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