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Gov. Brown Budget Proposal Targets Health, Housing

The governor's budget includes $722 million in revenues -- including raising the tobacco tax and increasing taxes on hospitals and insurers -- to plug the $830 million funding gap in Medicaid and ensure health care has stable funding over the next six years.

Gov. Kate Brown unveiled a $23.6 billion budget proposal Wednesday that plugs holes in state health funding, seeks to gain ground in an ongoing housing crisis, expands access to voting and sets aside millions for challenging the policies of President Donald Trump.

House Committee OKs Hospital Assessment Increase

Oregon leverages money from its larger hospitals to get federal matching dollars for Medicaid, and the rate will go up to 5.32 percent to help fund a performance bonus pool for coordinated care organizations


March 12, 2013 — The House Health Committee unanimously passed House Bill 2216, renewing and extending the hospital assessment tax used to help fund the Oregon Health Plan.

Hospital Provider Tax Takes Center Stage

Rep. Val Hoyle is convening a group of bipartisan legislators to move the tax forward

January 24, 2013 -- Legislators are gearing up to renew the hospital provider tax that supports the Oregon Health Plan and is expected to generate about $600 million over the next two years.

State Officials Insist Hospitals Not Overpaid Under Provider Tax

But the specific amount of money that hospitals get back is not open to public disclosure, according to Judy Mohr-Peterson

November 29, 2012 -- Poor Oregonians will receive an extra $2.033 billion in healthcare from mid-2011 through mid-2013, according to the latest estimates of the impact of a state tax on hospitals. Yet even many within the industry still don’t understand the state’s so-called provider tax, according to Judy Mohr-Peterson, director of medical assistance programs with the Oregon Health Authority.

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