More Oregonians Had Health Insurance in Q1 of 2018 – But Fewer Got it at Work

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Providence Health Plan covers more Oregonians than any other insurer, including a significant share who buy individual plans on the Affordable Care Act-created exchange.

Moda Dominates Health Insurance Exchange

Preliminary numbers released by the Oregon Insurance Division on individual enrollment in the health insurance exchange once again show Moda has a dominant lead over its competitors.

Once again Moda Health Plan has walked away with the highest number of individual members on the health insurance exchange in Oregon – 101,374 people for a growth of 19 percent over last year.

How Much do Oregon Insurance Executives Earn?

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Documents show CEOs such as Jack Friedman and Andrew McCulloch earned more than previously disclosed, but specifics are often hazy

The leaders of Oregon’s largest insurance companies are often paid far more than they tell regulators, according to a Lund Report review of public records.

Providence Severs Contract with Health Net Just as Employers Consider Options for 2013

LifeWise members will lose access to Legacy Health System next July, but its officials are encouraging patients to fight back

September 20, 2012 -- The leading healthcare systems in Portland -- Legacy and Providence -- are embroiled in a competitive battle, and the victor could end up controlling a much larger slice of the market. Both Health Net and LifeWise are on the front lines while other insurers, such as ODS Health Plan, could soon feel the impact, and find themselves caught in the throes.

Customers of LifeWise Health Plan and Health Net May Expect Rebates

The Affordable Care Act sets a limit on how much money an insurer can spend on administrative costs, marketing and earn as profit

May 15, 2012 -- Across the nation, health insurers are expected to pay rebates amounting to about $1.3 billion to more than 15 million people, according to a recent study by the Kaiser Family Foundation. These rebates are a result of the Affordable
Care Act.

OSPIRG Foundation Critical of Rate Increase Proposed by HealthNet

The rate increase, which would impact small businesses, is projected to increase premium rates by 8.8 percent on average, however some families would see rate hikes above 20 percent

May 10, 2012 -- Small business owners insured by Health Net could see their premiums increase by an average of 8.8 percent starting August 1.

If HealthNet’s proposal is approved, it would affect 38,492 Oregonians – nearly 29 per cent of its 134,000 members across Oregon and Washington. The rate hike is necessary, according to HealthNet,
because its prescription costs have risen by 11 percent and medical costs by 8.9 percent since 2011.

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