Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon

Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon Selects Dawn Bonder as Executive Director

February 4, 2013 -- Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon today announced the selection of Dawn Bonder as Executive Director.

Created under federal healthcare reform, the nonprofit Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon will compete with traditional insurers on the state health insurance exchange, bringing more affordable, accessible, and responsive health insurance to Oregon workers. Bonder will oversee the CO-OP’s implementation, including enrollment this Fall, and benefit delivery in January 2014.

Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon Partners with Providence Health System

The CO-OP has $57 million in start-up loans from the federal government to provide health coverage to the self-employed in Oregon

September 18, 2012 -- Independent workers – artists, journalists, information technology professionals, craftsmen and even those who earn their living buying and selling on eBay – will soon have the ability to buy health coverage without having to dicker with a privately-run insurance company such as Regence BlueCross BlueShield.

Known as the Freelancers CO-OP of Oregon, people can sign up when enrollment opens for the health insurance exchange in October 2013.

Freelancers Co-Op of Oregon begins search for top-level management

Interim CEO Rick Koven says the New York-based Freelancers Union set up shop in Oregon because it's a 'creative hub' with many independent workers

May 30, 2012 -- The first of two Oregon nonprofits to receive startup funding from the federal government announced last week that it is seeking a director of finance and a director of operations. It has also hired Rick Koven as its interim CEO

The Freelancers Co-Op of Oregon, started with assistance from the New York City-based Freelancers Union, received $59 million from Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to start a cooperatively-owned and operated health plan in the state. So far, Oregon is the only state to receive funding for two co-op health plans.

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