Dispelling Common Misstatements on Fluoridation

This author refutes what Rick North had to say about the effects of fluoridation

OPINION -- In a recent Lund Report opinion piece on fluoridation, Rick North has provided a litany of false claims, misinformation, and misrepresented science, all of which bears correction.

Two Opposing Views on Fluoridating Portland's Drinking Water

The first commentary, by Rick North, encourages voters to defeat the ballot measure because of health concerns, lack of effectiveness and higher costs, while the second commentary, by Claudia Colen and Dr. Teran Colen insists the science is clear that fluoride doesn't have any negative health or environmental impacts and is a safe and effective option.

OPINION – APRIL 19, 2013 -- On May 3, ballots will be sent to all Portland voters asking them to vote on fluoridation. The last day to vote will be May 21.

Fluoridation: Nature Thought of it First

Over 3,000 studies have demonstrated that fluoridation is safe, effective, and socially equitable, according to the author

OPINION – November 28, 2012 -- I have been a general dentist for 36 years, graduating from Northwestern University Dental School in the fluoridated city of Chicago. I practiced in Chicago for 4 years before moving to Portland in 1980. I retired from my clinical practice at the end of 2008 and now devote my time volunteering my dental skills to low-income children and adults.

Portland’s Fluoridation Opponents Could Learn a Lot from Fairbanks

The author cites a web site that shows which cities have stopped fluoridating their water since 1990

OPINION – November 20, 2012 -- Like it or not, fluoridation is all mixed up in politics. I don’t like it at all, but I don’t always get what I want, as evidenced by Stanford beating the Ducks last Saturday.

Fluoridation Referendum Leaves Decision in Voters' Hands

While the signatures are still being counted, most analysts expect the fluoridation battle ultimately will be decided by Portland voters

OPINION – October 17, 2012 -- There is one main benefit of Clean Water Portland's successful signature-gathering campaign to qualify for a city-wide referendum vote on fluoridation: It allows time for citizens to make an informed decision.

Fluoridation Lessons from Aspen Colorado and Dublin, Ireland

The author encourages the Portland City Council to consider his concerns before taking a vote to fluoridate its water

OPINION – September 4, 2012 -- While part-time Aspen resident Lance Armstrong insists that nobody needs to cry for him over being busted for illegal drugs, spare a tear for fellow Aspenites who still have illegal drugs in their drinking water courtesy of their indolent councilors!


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