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A Letter to The Oregon Health Authority

At the stroke of midnight, December 31, 2017, about 120,000 Oregonians will have to find all new healthcare providers within HealthShare if the inequity in funding FamilyCare is not addressed. 

It Doesn’t Make Sense

FamilyCare Decries 2018 CCO Rates, Continuing Years-Long Battle with Oregon

The Portland-area nonprofit says even with a 9.8 percent rate hike, it faces a $75 million deficit and could go out of business.

Coordinated care organization reimbursement rates that were announced this week included a hike in how much FamilyCare will receive in 2018 – but not enough to appease the leaders of the Portland-area CCO, who say low reimbursements are putting their nonprofit organization at risk.

FamilyCare Toying with a Public Board Meeting in Collaboration with its CAC

FamilyCare, Inc. may hold joint public meetings in February of its Community Advisory Council and board of directors. But the question remains about whether it will be a one off or a more lasting attempt to address calls for greater transparency?

FamilyCare has kept its board meetings private and allowed the public only to attend community advisory council meetings.

HealthShare, FamilyCare Members Report Upbeat Views of Care

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In-depth surveys show that sicker people are less satisfied than the healthiest members at each plan, matching a trend seen at other Oregon CCOs

Members of the Portland area’s major coordinated care organizations, Health Share of Oregon and FamilyCare, are generally happy with the treatment they receive from doctors and other providers on their plans. They feel respected by their physicians and by health plan customer service.


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