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Village Gardens Recognized for Health Equity Work

This multifaceted program includes community gardens, a healthy convenience store and visits from community health workers

December 6, 2012 -- Village Gardens started in 2001 as a small community garden project now includes several community programs, including a healthy convenience store. Now it’s received the 2012 Billi Odegaard Genius Award for an “exceptional group” from the Oregon Public Health Institute.

Commissioner Nick Fish Brings More Community Gardens to Portland

By December his office estimates there’ll be 1,000 new garden plots which will give people more access to fresh produce and healthy foods

August 23, 2012 -- Portland City Commissioner Nick Fish's office is more than four-fifths of the way toward fulfilling its 1000 Gardens initiative, which he announced in 2009.

Commissioner Nick Fish Fosters Community Garden Initiative

Health outcomes will improve if people have the opportunity to grow their own fruits and vegetables

March 28, 2012 – City Commissioner Nick Fish’s initiative to make another 1,000 garden plots available to Portland residents is going strong. People who participate in this community garden project tend to have healthier diets and no longer have to rely on farm produce for fresh vegetables and fruits.

Currently there are 1,500 gardens in the Portland Community Gardens System, according to Laura Niemi, who coordinates the program for Portland Parks & Recreation. In the past year, five new community gardens were built in Portland.

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