White House Moonshot Initiative Gives Hope to Cancer Survivors

The future for those who suffer from rare cancers like mesothelioma, is brighter than ever.

OPINION -- Earlier this year, the White House announced its plan to introduce the Cancer Moonshot Initiative, a program that will allow the nation’s top researchers and experts in the field to find a cure for cancer by the year 2020.

COURTNEY: ‘Can Oregon End Cancer?’

Statement by Senate President Peter Courtney

“Reaching this goal could change what the word cancer means for future generations. Our children and our grandchildren may not have to live with the fear of cancer the way we have.

Private Practice Oncologists Feel the Pressure as Hospitals Buy their Practices

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Benefitting from Medicare reimbursement rates that are seven times higher than their competitors, hospitals are buying up physician-owned cancer clinics in a wave of consolidation.

If the private practice primary care physician is a dying breed, then the next endangered species may very well be the independent cancer specialist and the community oncology clinic.

Intel Executive Shares Personal Health Tragicomedy

Eric Dishman discussed his battle with kidney cancer when he keynoted the annual symposium sponsored by the Oregon Medical Association and OCHIN on Wednesday.

Eric Dishman, general manager of Intel's Health Strategy & Solutions Group, told participants at OCHIN and Oregon Medical Association’s annual symposium his “personal health tragicomedy.” It began in 1989 when he was 19, training for a marathon and a student at the University of North Carolin

Idaho Woman Takes Battle with Blue Cross Online

Blue Cross Idaho is refusing to pay for part of Danni Cote Gilbert’s cancer treatment

July 12, 2012 -- Until recently, Danni Cote Gilbert kept a pretty low profile. She teaches high school social studies and psychology in Mountain Home, Idaho, a town 40 miles east of Boise with a population of 12,266. Her husband, James, is an administrator in the Mountain Home School District, and they have two daughters, aged five and seven.

Mental Health Carve Out Bill Faced Governor’s Veto

The bill would have required the state to pay for drugs that treat mental illnesses, HIV/AIDS, cancer and immunosuppressant disorders

March 12, 2012—A bill that would have required the state to continue paying for drugs used for mental illnesses, HIV/AIDS, cancer, and immunosuppressant drugs until 2016 died in the last days of the Legislature, blocked by the House and facing a veto threat from Governor Kitzhaber.


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