Oregon Supports Abortion Rights While Other States Endorse Restrictions

Oregon voters trounced an anti-abortion measure, unlike voters in Alabama and West Virginia or in Indiana, North Dakota and Missouri where anti-abortion Republican senators won seats held by Democrats.

Oregonians trounced a ballot measure that would have banned public funding of abortions, marking the fourth time that the state has endorsed abortion rights at the polls.

Opinion: Measure 106 Is A Bad Bill

It would make abortion unaffordable for women, causing more unwanted children in Oregon.

Measure 106 is bad for Oregon. It does more than make abortion unaffordable for hundreds of thousands of women in Oregon. It is unaffordable for the taxpayers who vote for it.

Oregon Attracts Thousands Of Dollars Nationwide In Abortion Battle

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Groups from around the country have poured hundreds of thousands of dollars into the fight against Ballot Measure 106 which would ban public funding of abortions.

Oregon has become a surprise battleground over abortion rights in next month’s election, as Planned Parenthood affiliates and other pro-choice groups from around the country pour hundreds of


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