The Lund Report Launches Challenge Grant Campaign

Funds would underwrite website improvements, bolster strength of independent news site’s hard-hitting journalism.

When you think about where to find the most provocative news about Oregon’s healthcare industry, look no further than The Lund Report.

Year after year our news staff has gone beyond the mark to bring you the most informative timely information – the shake-up at the Oregon Health Authority, the profitability of the state’s CCOs, hospitals and insurance companies, and the most insightful news about Oregon’s Legislature.

Now we’re asking for your help so we can continue our stalwart record. Generous supporters have offered The Lund Report a $35,000 challenge grant. If we can match that amount, we’ll have $70,000 to support and bolster our important work  

Your tax-deductible donation, no matter how small or large, will help us reach that goal!

With these additional dollars, we intend to overhaul our website, which is long overdue, making it easier for you to find the stories you want to read, and to access our data and insights across computers, tablets, phones and other devices.

The Lund Report is considered the most vital source about Oregon’s healthcare industry and health policy developments. We’re relying on your financial support to continue this important role.

We employ the only full-time reporter who exclusively covered healthcare in Salem this legislative session, offering the state’s most in-depth ongoing look at legislation as it advanced -- and we continue to follow the session’s aftermath. Our dogged coverage of Zoom Health Plan has kept abreast of a federal investigation there.

You can count on us for industry data and financial insights nobody else provides -- including our ongoing examination of every hospital in the state, which we’re bringing back for the fifth year. And we also tell you which statewide leaders are coming and going, and how major organizations get along -- or don’t.

Please consider making a tax-deductible donation today by mailing your check to The Lund Report at POB 82841, Portland 97282 or by using your credit card, and we’ll be pleased to send along a receipt for tax purposes since we’re recognized as a 501(c)(3) nonprofit by the IRS.

Thanks for believing in what we do. Your support makes it possible to keep investigational journalism alive.

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