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Our team of professional journalists never hesitates to ask the tough questions rather than just publish the press releases that innundate our email boxes.

We dig deep, bringing you information not readily available about Oregon’s hospitals, its CCOs, its insurers, its healthcare leaders.

And, we depend on you – our faithful readers – to keep us alive. Fortunately, one of our most avid readers who prefers to remain anonymous has offered The Lund Report a $25,000 matching challenge grant.

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Now we’re calling on you to support our work. As the legislative session draws near, our fearless reporter Chris Gray will be in Salem, telling you about the most critical health policy issues such as efforts by Rep. Mitch Greenlick to require all CCOs to become community nonprofit organizations and not turn their profits over to physicians, hospitals and corporate interests.

As we continue to expand our coverage, you’ll feel closer to the pressing issues facing our healthcare system. Your donation keeps investigative journalism alive in our community.

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