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Oregon Health Authority Prepares to Launch New Credentialing Program

The effort is expected to save time and money by centralizing the work of dozens of independent groups.

A new program to streamline Oregon’s chaotic healthcare credentialing process is likely to save time, money and significant hassle for providers across the state.

Health Share and FamilyCare: A Tale of Two CCOs

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As FamilyCare considered whether to continue operating in 2018, The Lund Report looked into the differences between this coordinated care organization and Health Share, the other Medicaid provider that serves the Portland-metro area.

How do Medicaid patients choose between Portland’s two coordinated care organizations, Health Share and FamilyCare? Often they don’t.

Eclipse Went Off Without a Healthcare Hitch

Officials are still watching for foodborne or waterborne disease outbreaks that can take weeks to appear.

Some folks might say a year’s worth of planning to handle the massive influx of tourists during the August 21 eclipse turned into a great big nothing.

Health Business Report Gains from Going Employee-Owned

A Vancouver, Washington, company reports improvements to the culture -- and the bottom line -- after the company’s workers took control.

Employee ownership may seem like a strange model for the healthcare industry, but a small number of companies have made the switch - and they say it’s helping to improve their recruitment and retention.

Oregon Health Groups Prepare for August Eclipse and Massive Tourist Influx

A million or more people could swell the state’s population during the Aug. 21 event, stressing rural health services, and creating sanitation risks.

Health leaders across Oregon are bracing themselves for a massive influx of people later this summer, when a total solar eclipse can be viewed across a wide swathe of the state. There’s no simple template to prepare for the Aug. 21 event.

Study on Cannabis Harvest Identifies Health Hazards for Outdoor Farm Workers

Local activist and medical grower Tom Lauerman participated in the study, which found ergonomic problems in hand-trimming practices.

Consider it a sign that the cannabis industry is starting to come of age: For the first time ever, the National Institute of Occupational Health and Safety has taken a deep look at potential worker hazards at an outdoor cannabis farm.

Recreational Marijuana Boom Leaves Vulnerable Patients Behind

New regulations and procedures in cannabis licensing have slowed patient access to medical marijuana. Meanwhile, profits are prompting medical growers to switch to recreational sales.

Without cannabis oil to treat her rare brain disease, Janice Patten has lost the ability to walk, one of her arms is paralyzed and she can’t see out of one eye.  

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