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Oregon Pushing for Better Emergency Care for People with Disabilities

Experts say specialized needs of disabled being recognized

The Oregon Office on Disability and Health is at the forefront of improving services and awareness about the needs of people with disabilities, a crucial step that researchers say can improve their health and quality of life.

Health Officials Push for Lincoln County Detox Beds

New $57 million medical center a good location, some say

Officials in Lincoln County agree the area needs a detox facility for drug and alcohol recovery but just where it would be located, how it would be operated and when it would come to fruition remains unknown.

Surplus Medication Recycled to Needy Patients

Sirum, a non-profit organization, now has an Oregon presence and in the past has distributed $4 million of unused and unexpired medicine, helping 85,000 patients.

A new non-profit organization that recycles surplus medicine and redistributes it recently expanded to Oregon, and is hoping to partner with clinics and nursing homes across the state in need of inexpensive drugs.

Universal Healthcare Expert to Visit Oregon, Tout Single Payer Plan

Efforts are underway in Colorado and Oregon for universal healthcare.

T.R Reid is hoping that Colorado is the first state in the nation to provide a healthcare system that covers everyone. But he’d still be happy if Oregon got there first.

“Some state has to get this going and prove that it will work and then it will spread,” Reid said.

Hospital Safety Scores Reveal Only 29 Percent of Oregon Hospitals get High Marks

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None of Oregon’s hospitals have gotten straight A’s since 2012, according to the Leapfrog Group analysis, while Bay Area and Samaritan Albany ranked the lowest in the latest ratings, earning D’s.

Just how safe are Oregon’s hospitals? Newly released hospital safety scores that evaluate hos-pitals across the country show that only 29 percent of Oregon hospitals graded by the non-profit Leapfrog Group received high marks.


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