Jeff McDonald

CDC Announces Reprieve on Vaccination Policies

The outlook has brightened for the state’s immunization providers.

No longer will providers be required to make changes by early next year that could have potentially dismantled the state’s successful Vaccines for Children (VFC) program.

Private Sector Takes Over Mental Health Services in Klamath County

Although the transition has been smooth, it’s still too early to tell whether access has actually improved for people on the Oregon Health Plan.

Is Klamath’s mental health system fixed? It's still too early to tell.

Just four months since Klamath County privatized its mental health services, providers are reporting improved collaboration, more efficiency and greater demand from clients.

New CDC Regulations Threaten to Dismantle Vaccines for Children Program

The policy changes would affect how providers store and replenish vaccines and have a severe impact on rural clinicians.

Significant federal policy changes could force many providers to opt out of Oregon’s well-established immunization program, potentially leaving kids around the state unvaccinated and with a higher risk of disease, state health care leaders and providers say.

Lobbying Congress for Medicare Reimbursement

Bipartisan consensus that funding formula is broke – question is how to fix it


July 29, 2013 -- Just removed from a whirlwind trip to the nation’s capital, Bend-based physical therapist and consultant Tannus Quatre reported encouraging news in the struggle to reform Medicare reimbursement practices in the U.S.

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