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Rising Drug Costs, $500 Million Gap Concerns Lynne Saxton

Eight months into her job as director of the Oregon Health Authority, Lynne Saxton applauded the audience at State of Reform’s annual Portland conference for standing up for coordinated care organizations and getting 95 percent of Oregonians insured.

“My goal is to get everyone eligible on Medicaid and help those moving off Medicaid to insurance,” Lynne Saxton told health policy leaders gathered at the State of Reform on Tuesday.

Fighting Tobacco use in Oregon Uphill Battle

CCOs will be held accountable starting next year for reducing tobacco use.

Oregon’s Tobacco Reduction Advisory Committee started combing through a draft $19.7 million 2015-2017 budget, one that looks similar to the $19.8 million 2013-2015 budget with a few changes.

Sanctuary Model Shows Dramatic Improvement in Juvenile Behavior

During the grant reporting period of a Safe Schools/Healthy Students initiative, the town of 14,000 people 70 miles east of Portland, saw the percent of students reporting involvement in a physical fight drop from 20.1 percent in 2010 to 12 percent in 2013, and the percent of students reporting having at least one drink of alcohol in most recent month fall from 30.6 percent in 2010 to 17. 4 percent in 2013.

Wasco County overall reported zero juvenile arrests during the typically rowdy spring break of 2013, the lowest level of juvenile crime in history, said Trudy Townsend, trauma-informed care coordinator for the Creating Sanctuary in the Columbia River Gorge movement who now leads community health

Governor Brown, Legislators Turn Out for Virginia Garcia Celebration

Founders remember humble beginnings, model integrated care

Forty years ago, Gonzala Lira and her friends began raising money for what became the Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center and Foundation selling enchiladas and tacos in churches every weekend. “We were well known. There were not a lot of Mexican restaurants back then.”

CCOs Effective in Integrating Healthcare and Housing

Pilots around the state show early success with “habit of collaboration”

When Kenny La Point’s son was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes, Oregon’s first “housing integrator” was then a member/user on the Central Oregon coordinated care organization’s community advisory council.

Shortages of Behavioral Health Workers, Nursing Faculty Critical

Not many incentives for nursing faculty to remain and salaries too low for young nurses.

Oregon’s behavioral health workforce is “critical” to healthcare transformation but the numbers of those licensed last year was inadequate to meet the need for integrating physical and mental health, Oregon’s Healthcare Workforce Committee was told.


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