Dr. Michael Rohwer

Opinion: Reduce Homelessness by Changing Behavior

Stafford Beer, the British theorist, taught that “the purpose of a system is what it does.” But too often, what it does is not what was intended. If we want our community systems to produce something different, we need to do something different.

Opinion: Initiative in Marion and Polk Counties Help Families, Neighborhoods

The Fostering Hope Initiative works to repair problems at their root through a collaborative approach on the ground.

An initiative in Marion and Polk counties has a solution to strengthen at-risk families and build more resilient neighborhoods.

The Fostering Hope Initiative brings multiple partners together around a common goal, aligning resources and sharing leadership for planning and results.

Beyond payment reform: An innovation challenge for insurers

This article is the fourth in a five-part series. It follows “Purpose driven self-organizing healthcare” which explained what an adaptive delivery system might look at. This article describes the insurance model necessary to sustain it.

OPINION- The relationship between purchasers, providers, and consumers is dysfunctional.

Purpose Driven Self-Organizing Healthcare

This article is the third in a five-part series about a new model for sustainable healthcare delivery. The last article “Ashby’s law and the first step to affordable healthcare” explained why we need delivery networks as adaptable as delivery’s environment.

OPINION -- All of us and everything around us simultaneously participate in many networks and systems. Technology has extended what we refer to as a system, but the idea of connecting people, tools and resources to achieve a purpose is ancient.

Ashby’s Law and the First Step to Affordable Healthcare

This article follows “A tale of two systems”, published in a prior edition of The Lund Report. This article explains the first fundamental change necessary for successful management of healthcare delivery. It is also the first principle of the Curandi Model™, a “systems thinking” approach to healthcare reform.

OPINION-- Within healthcare delivery the patient-centered primary care home is improving care and lowering cost. And, in social services, co-location with clinical services similarly improves outcomes and lower cost. Why aren’t these innovative micro-system improvements resulting in premium decreases?

A Tale of Two Systems

To create real and lasting change, we must question our fundamental assumptions.

OPINION -- The work of Curandi is to transform healthcare into a living system that works. Today, we manage healthcare with industrial-age ideas.

Business Should Attend the June 24 Oregon Health Forum Breakfast

Michael Rohwer argues that the business community must begin to re-engage the problems of health payment reform. The upcoming Oregon Health Forum Breakfast is a vital and important starting point.

OPINION -- Everyone agrees: Healthcare is unsustainable in its current form. Its cost growth has been the top category of inflation for decades. It is in fact growing faster than the economy, and it cannot and will not go up forever. How did we get here?


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