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Opinion: Initiative in Marion and Polk Counties Help Families, Neighborhoods

The Fostering Hope Initiative works to repair problems at their root through a collaborative approach on the ground.

An initiative in Marion and Polk counties has a solution to strengthen at-risk families and build more resilient neighborhoods.

The Fostering Hope Initiative brings multiple partners together around a common goal, aligning resources and sharing leadership for planning and results.

Beyond payment reform: An innovation challenge for insurers

This article is the fourth in a five-part series. It follows “Purpose driven self-organizing healthcare” which explained what an adaptive delivery system might look at. This article describes the insurance model necessary to sustain it.

OPINION- The relationship between purchasers, providers, and consumers is dysfunctional.

Purpose Driven Self-Organizing Healthcare

This article is the third in a five-part series about a new model for sustainable healthcare delivery. The last article “Ashby’s law and the first step to affordable healthcare” explained why we need delivery networks as adaptable as delivery’s environment.

OPINION -- All of us and everything around us simultaneously participate in many networks and systems. Technology has extended what we refer to as a system, but the idea of connecting people, tools and resources to achieve a purpose is ancient.

Ashby’s Law and the First Step to Affordable Healthcare

This article follows “A tale of two systems”, published in a prior edition of The Lund Report. This article explains the first fundamental change necessary for successful management of healthcare delivery. It is also the first principle of the Curandi Model™, a “systems thinking” approach to healthcare reform.

OPINION-- Within healthcare delivery the patient-centered primary care home is improving care and lowering cost. And, in social services, co-location with clinical services similarly improves outcomes and lower cost. Why aren’t these innovative micro-system improvements resulting in premium decreases?

A Tale of Two Systems

To create real and lasting change, we must question our fundamental assumptions.

OPINION -- The work of Curandi is to transform healthcare into a living system that works. Today, we manage healthcare with industrial-age ideas.


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