Dr. Michael Rohwer

How Complexity Complicates the Healthcare System

As of this time, there are inadequate requirements for interoperability, usability, or to measurable outcomes in quality of care delivered to the member.

OPINION -- “Doctors aren’t as smart as they used to be,” a financial advisor recently informed me. I thought he was going to tell me a story of bad investments. Instead, he talked about interactions he’d had with his healthcare providers. He noted how distracted they’d become.

Current Reform Efforts Are Not Sustainable

In this first-part series, the author maintains that we need to stimulate rethinking on how we view healthcare and do business, and that it’s essential to understand Complex Systems.

OPINION -- Healthcare reform has been a persistent failure. After four decades, the future of healthcare remains economically unsustainable. The physician workforce is demoralized and at the point of leaving.

Author Believes Clinically Aware Benefit Plans Are Advantageous

The Lund Report

OPINION -- February 22, 2012 -- Even before the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act was written, coverage designed to avoid sick patients was becoming an unacceptable goal. A goal that most commercial benefit plans and claim processing systems use, assuming predominantly healthy populations, and preventing those that need the coverage the most from being adequately addressed.


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