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Bay Area, OHSU Hospitals Trail in Safety Scores

Infections down despite ongoing challenges

October 29, 2012 -- Add customer savvy to the lengthy list of resources Oregonians might need when they face hospital care. A survey of U.S. hospitals details infection and other risks posed by even the most “routine” hospital stays.

Portland Mayoral and City Commissioner Candidates Emphasize Livability

Toxic air, sick leave reform and childcare took center stage at a local candidate’s forum in Portland recently

March 19, 2012 -- Family Forward Oregon and the Mother PAC brought mayoral and city council candidates together recently to discuss family-related issues in Oregon's largest city. Six candidates participated in the weekend event, held at Harriet Tubman Leadership Academy for Young Women, a public middle school in Portland.

Environmental Health Conference Focuses on How Toxic Chemicals Influence Obesity

Known as obesogens, these chemicals influence weight gain by disrupting hormones that drive appetite and physical activity

February 17, 2012 -- Next time you struggle to put down that extra slice of pizza or get off the couch you might not feel so guilty about your lack of motivation, but new research suggests you may want to consider the role the environment may have played in your eating habits.

Foundry Neighbors Make Good, Agree on Air Toxics Reductions

Deal avoids litigation over ESCO emissions but exposes concern about statewide air quality regulation

December 8, 2011 -- Cutting down on toxic chemicals is nice, but a coalition of environmental health advocates and the historic industrial operation they challenged to slash cancer-causing emissions are congratulating themselves for avoiding a situation that's toxic in a different way: years of acrimonious litigation.

Just because the air has cleared in a tony Portland neighborhood, though, don't expect much praise for the way Oregon regulates air pollution and its impact on environmental health.

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