workplace violence

New Toolkit Aims to Stem Violence In Hospitals

A total of 170 nurses, nurses aides and other hospital staff in Oregon were injured between 2013 and 2015 in attacks, mostly by patients.

When it comes to workplace violence, hospital nurses, aides and other staff members are among the most vulnerable.

Data on Healthcare Violence Remains Out of Reach

The Lund Report
Statistics say healthcare workers are twice as likely to be victims of workplace violence, but employers are exempt from OSHA reporting requirements, and can keep info on training and safety plans under wraps

June 7, 2012 -- Two weeks ago, community health worker Jennifer Warren was stabbed to death in the St. Helens home of Brent K. Redd Jr., who was receiving services from Columbia County Community Mental Health (CCMH), Warren's employer.

Redd had been released from Oregon State Hospital under supervision by the Psychiatric Security Review Board.

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