Toxic-Free Kids Act

Johnson Sticks with Dems as Toxic-Free Kids Act Passes Senate

Republicans hew to the position of the chemical and toy industry, who oppose state regulations that would make them stop importing toys made with potentially hazardous chemicals from loosely guarded Chinese factories. The GOP leaders claimed they’d support a bill that only makes companies report the use of these chemicals, but defeated earlier efforts when such a compromise was offered.

After years of being unable to stick together to pass a bill designed to require manufacturers to report and rid children’s products of toxic chemicals, the Senate Democrats, including Sen.

Keny-Guyer Hoping Fourth Time a Charm for Toxic-Free Kids Act

The proposed Oregon law would copy a Washington law on disclosure but then strengthen it to phase out hazardous chemicals in children’s products and replace them with safer alternatives. SB 478 maintains bipartisan support in the House and the increased Democratic majority should allow the bill to over-rule Sen. Betsy Johnson, a friend of the chemistry council who opposes the bill.

Rep. Alissa Keny-Guyer rolled out her Toxic-Free Kids Act for the fourth time in her four years as a legislator from Southeast Portland on Monday, and this time around, the increased Democratic majority may be what it takes to put one of her flagship issues into law.

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