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Senate Unanimous in Bill Protecting Student Medical Records

SB 1558 closes an end-run that University of Oregon officials made around privacy laws to access a student’s counseling records to use against her when she sued the university for its mishandling of her rape case involving the basketball team.

Partisan animosity broke down in Salem on Presidents’ Day, as Republicans frustrated by the Democratic agenda turned to D.C.-style delaying tactics, forcing House and Senate clerks to read, verbatim, dozens of pages of legalese in each bill before it could come to a vote.

Student Medical Privacy Rules Tightened Up

The rape case at the University of Oregon spawns re-examination of FERPA rules, new Oregon privacy law

How assured can Oregon college students be about on-campus medical privacy when they return to school in the fall?

Perhaps a bit more than before, given legislation passed this June to tighten up student privacy records in cases of sexual abuse or assault.

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