Public Health Week

Examining Challenges, Successes and Next Steps as Oregon Seeks Health Equity

Public health professionals gathered in Portland April 2-6 to discuss closing the health equity gap in state’s underserved and unrepresented communities

Best practices, next steps, challenges and successes were discussed during Oregon Public Health Week from April 2-6 in Portland.

Reducing Meat Intake Could Improve Population Health, Mitigate Climate Change

Robert Lawrence calls for tighter food industry regulations as well as changes to individual behavior

If everybody on the planet ate as much meat as Americans do, according to Dr. Robert Lawrence, the planet could only support a population of 2 to 3 billion people.

That's because meat and other animal products take so much energy to produce. But reducing the amount of meat we eat to 75 grams daily ( could improve the planet's carrying capacity, mitigate the effects of climate change and improve population health, he said.

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