Book Sparks Mental Health Movement

The Lund Report
A group of psychiatrists and mental health experts kicked off a national effort in Portland last month to improve the use of mental health drugs

March 15, 2011 – Gina Nikkel said she couldn’t read a book like Robert Whitaker’s Anatomy of an Epidemic and not “do something about it,” she told a crowd at the First Unitarian Church of Portland last month.

Psychologists Win Prescribing Rights

The Lund Report
Not surprisingly, closing one of the Oregon legislature’s most longstanding “scope-of-practice” issues still feels unresolved
February 25, 2010 -- Beginning in July of next year, licensed psychologists may gain the right to prescribe certain mental health drugs under a bill (Senate Bill 1046) that passed the Oregon House and Senate this week. Everything hinges on whether Gov.

Psychologists Prescribing Rights Headed for Work Group

A bill to give psychologists the right to prescribe prescription drugs requires a work group to iron out differences

June 17, 2009 --Psychologists took a step forward in their ability to prescribe drugs on Monday (June 15) when the House agreed to set up a work group to iron out differences with the psychiatric community (House Bill 2702).

Battle Intensifies Over Prescribing Rights

Oregon is poised to become the third state in the nation allowing psychologists to prescribe drugs

May 21, 2009 --  Despite intense lobbying pressure from organized medicine – including the Oregon Pediatric Society, the Oregon Psychiatric Association and the Oregon Medical Association – legislators may be close to declaring victory.

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