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Oregon Providers Moving Toward Primary Care Home Model

The Lund Report

January 12, 2012 -- The state of Oregon is looking for health care providers to adopt a primary care model designed for better health and lower costs. Across the state, more than 80 clinics already have applied to be officially recognized by the state as “patient-centered primary care homes.”

Nurse Practitioners Seek Payment Parity from Insurers

The Lund Report
But legislators are unlikely to take action because of the strong lobbying efforts by insurance companies

November 29, 2011—The Oregon Nurses Association (ONA) is trying to convince legislators that insurance companies should pay nurse practitioners the same amount as primary care physicians for the same services.

But the association’s president, Susan King, said its efforts are being stonewalled by some insurance carriers. After meeting with representatives from five insurers over the past few months, the information they’re sharing about their reimbursement policies is opaque, at best.

Workgroup Focuses on Recruiting Primary Care Providers

The Lund Report
They also want to better define the role of community health workers, personal health navigators and peer wellness specialists

November 10, 2011 – Developing a strategic plan to recruit and retain primary care providers is at the essence of a workgroup led by Dr. Lisa Dodson, director of the Oregon Area Health Education Center, which met recently.

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