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Oregon Hospitals Left Waiting on Federal Patient Safety Oversight

The federal government has just over a year to give the Oregon Patient Safety Commission federal authority for data collection so that hospitals can comply with requirements for Cover Oregon. The commission’s director plans to appeal directly to Kathleen Sebelius for a waiver for Oregon’s hospitals while she waits to hear if her organization will be approved.

Another deadline from the Affordable Care Act will hit the Oregon healthcare industry a little over a year from now, and the state is not yet ready to make the transition.

Workgroup on Medical Malpractice Appointed by Governor

The workgroup intends to submit its recommendations by October 1 to the interim committees of the legislature

July 26, 2012 -- Governor John Kitzhaber has appointed a patient safety and defensive medicine workgroup to develop recommendations on medical malpractice reform for the 2013 legislative session. That workgroup, which holds its first meeting August 2, is expected to submit its recommendations to the interim committees of the legislature by
October 1.

The goals of the workgroup are:

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