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Lawmakers Advance Bill Filling Gap In End-Of-Life Care

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Oregon has long been at the forefront of palliative care for people with a terminal illness.

But it lacks a program to provide patients with round-the-clock services to keep them comfortable at home and avoid running up hospital costs.

Dr. Ira Byock Urges Portland Audience to Talk About End-of-Life Care

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While opposed to Death With Dignity, Dr. Ira Byock also says conservatives have accused him of favoring euthanasia

January 30, 2013 -- Dr. Ira Byock, a professor of medicine at Dartmouth College and writer on end-of-life and palliative care issues, talked to a packed house at the Oregon Humanities Center in downtown Portland about an unlikely topic for Friday night entertainment: death.

Internationally-Respected Medical Ethicist and Palliative Care Expert to Join OHSU

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Oregon receives high marks for its focus on end-of-life issues for medical trainees

March 16, 2012 -- Oregon Health & Science University is pleased to announce an important addition to its nationally respected Center for Ethics in Health Care. Dr. David Barnard, Ph.D., J.D., will join the university and ethics center as the Miles J. Edwards Chair in Professionalism and Comfort Care. The position is named after the late Dr. Miles J. Edwards, M.D., a distinguished doctor and ethicist at OHSU. Edwards died in 2006 following an extended battle with cancer. His final weeks were chronicled in a series of articles in The Oregonian.

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