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PacificSource Rate Hike Will Hit 14.5% for Some Small Businesses

The Lund Report
OSPIRG Foundation to testify at public hearing on rate hike scheduled for September 24

September 21, 2012 -- More than 36,000 Oregonians with small group health coverage will see rate hikes of 8.62% on average, and as high as 14.5%, if the premium rate hike proposed by PacificSource Health Plans goes forward. 

“Health care already costs more than it should,” said Jesse O’Brien, OSPIRG Foundation Health Care Advocate. “Many Oregon businesses simply cannot afford rate hikes like this in today’s economy.”

Regence BlueCross BlueShield Rate Hike to Reach 16.4 Percent for Some Customers

The Lund Report
The rate increase comes amidst rising deductibles and changing provider networks

July 9, 2012 -- More than 52,000 Oregonians with individual health insurance plans will see rate hikes of 9.6% on average, and as high as 16.4%, if the premium rate hike posted today by Regence BlueCross BlueShield goes forward.

At the same time, customers in lower-deductible plans will face out-of pocket costs starting at $2,500 before coverage kicks in, and consumers in the Portland metro area may need to change providers.


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