Oregon Single Payer Campaign

Opening Day Crowd Shows Growing Support for Single-Payer

The Lund Report
A house bill sponsored by Rep. Michael Dembrow, D-Portland, is not expected to pass, but advocates claim momentum

February 5, 2013 -- Nearly a thousand people swarmed the front of the Oregon Capitol Building for the opening session Monday, demanding that Oregon become the second state to enact single-payer healthcare legislation, which would set up a government financing system to pay for and provide health

Oregon Doctors Rise Up Against Individual Mandate

The Lund Report
Physicians hope to remove roadblock to universal coverage and lower overall healthcare costs

February 28, 2012 -- Three Oregon physicians are among a group of 50 doctors who filed an amicus brief with the Supreme Court arguing that the individual mandate in the Affordable Care Act should be struck down.

The doctors’ friend-of-court brief creates strange bedfellows by essentially arguing that the individual mandate to purchase insurance coverage violates interstate commerce law.

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