Oregon’s Health CO-OP

Oregon’s Co-Ops Appear Healthy Despite Low Enrollment and Failures Elsewhere

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Health Republic CEO Dawn Bonder tells The Lund Report that her company had always adopted the tortoise approach to success: slow and steady. Health Republic and its rival, Oregon’s Health CO-OP, each have only 1 percent of the market, but anticipate growth.

The failure of a second co-operative health insurance plan this summer has given insurance industry observers ripples of apprehension and feelings of schadenfreude to Obamacare opponents that one of the most promising aspects of the Affordable Care Act may not survive to serve many Americans.

Health Co-Op Wants More Transparency from Insurance Division

Oregon’s Health Co-Op, which has struggled to get a foothold in the Oregon insurance market, has proposed legislation to provide insurers a better appeal process while requiring the Insurance Division to better explain its rate-setting decisions for plans sold on the individual and small business markets.

The Oregon Health Co-Op wants significant changes to the state’s health insurance rate review program, which its president says will provide more transparency to the review process and a better chance for due process than currently exists.

Background Information on Oregon’s Health CO-OP's new board members.

Recently elected board members Bjorn Borstelmann, Hilary Bradbury, and Andrew Kyler bring new levels of excitement and industry awareness to the organization’s leadership.

Portland, Ore –With the recent election of three of its members to their board of directors, Oregon’s Health CO-OP continues its push to give consumers greater voice and control in the health insurance process.

Oregon’s Health CO-OP Puts Democratized Healthcare into Action

From its first-ever member forum, to upcoming Board elections, the Oregon-based, non-profit health organization is focused on letting members control their healthcare destiny.

When it comes to seeking—and responding to—what people want from their health insurer, Oregon’s Health CO-OP has developed a powerful approach: let members lead.

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