Tri-Met Called into Question by Community Activists

OPAL has organized a Bus Riders Unite program to help low-income people who rely on public transportation system to reach doctor’s appointments and buy healthy food.
In a car dependent society, it’s easy to forget that not everyone can drive wherever they need to go. Even in Portland, a city lauded as a leader in public transportation, not having a car can be a challenge.

Amid Proposed TriMet Cuts, Activists Fight for Transit Equity

The Lund Report
Critics of the cuts say decreased investment in public transit will have a negative impact on health outcomes

February 29, 2012 -- Earlier this month, TriMet announced sweeping cuts that activists say would have a significant impact on health outcomes for people in Portland.

The proposed changes include eliminating the free rail zone in the city center, reduced or altered service on some bus lines, a fare increase – the 11th in 12 years -- and making single tickets one-way instead of offering transfers.

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