State Fixes Funding Problem for Poor Women’s Contraceptive Care

The Affordable Care Act expanded the state Medicaid program to 350,000 new members, but it didn’t pay providers as well as a separate reproductive health program for uninsured women, provoking concerns from Rep. Mitch Greenlick that the state may be inadvertently hurting Planned Parenthood and other women’s health providers.

The state has stepped in to solve an unintended consequence of the Affordable Care Act -- reproductive health providers had gotten paid less to cover women insured by Medicaid than they did from an existing state program designed specifically to offer free contraceptive services.

PacificSource Tells Insurance Division It Set Its Rate Hike Too High

PacificSource asks the Insurance Division to lower its proposed rate hike from 15.9 percent to 10.8 percent. Providence and Kaiser successfully lobbied the division last year to lower their requested premium rates after they had been priced above the competition.

PacificSource Health Plan has asked the Oregon Insurance Division to correct the filing from what it first a proposed -- an enormous 15.9 percent hike -- and lower it to a 10.8 percent hike, still several times higher than the rate of inflation.


The ObamaCare Map

The Lund Report
The author, who’s drawn an ObamaCare Map, asks what would happen if the Affordable Care Act is repealed after the November election, and suggests looking at the different routes these potential changes may take us

OPINION – September 12, 2012 -- During the last two years, I have become an avid supporter of ObamaCare. Due to several unforeseen health issues in our family I began taking a closer look at the Affordable Care Act. It had become very clear that the healthcare industry was not necessarily a good fit for everybody, especially for those who found themselves due to job changes between health insurance companies and coverage, or those with pre-existing conditions, or even worse those without any health insurance coverage at all.


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