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1,400 Nursing Homes Get Lower Medicare Ratings Because of Staffing Concerns

Medicare lowered the ratings of one in 11 of the nation's nursing homes, about 1,400 facilities, because they didn't have enough registered nurses or failed to provide payroll data.

Medicare has lowered its star ratings for staffing levels in 1 in 11 of the nation’s nursing homes — almost 1,400 of them — because they either had inadequate numbers of registered nurses or failed to provide payroll data that proved they had the required nursing coverage, federal records release

House Overwhelmingly Passes Six-Year Extension to Nursing Home Tax

The Oregon Health Care Association lobbied to for an early vote to extend the tax to 2026, providing stability to their businesses and the state. The tax raises about $70 million a year for vulnerable seniors.

The Oregon House of Representatives voted 53 to 3 to renew the tax on nursing home facilities by six years, extending the tax through 2026.

Nursing Home Disaster Plans Often Faulted As ‘Paper Tigers’

It does not take a hurricane to put nursing home residents at risk when disaster strikes.

Around the country, facilities have been caught unprepared for far more mundane emergencies than the hurricanes that recently struck Florida and Houston, according to an examination of federal inspection records. Those homes rarely face severe reprimands, records show, even when inspectors identify repeated lapses.

Kitzhaber Plan Reduces Excess Nursing Home Beds, Cutting Costs

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A plan to consolidate nursing homes could cut costs by more than 8 percent in one Oregon small town, but a removal of the nursing home tax exemption in HB 2056 is meeting resistance from continuing care retirement communities


April 11, 2013 — A plan put forward by Gov. John Kitzhaber could save long-term healthcare costs by reducing the number of half-empty nursing homes around the state through financial carrots and sticks to providers.

DHS Investigation Claims Top Administrators

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James Toews and Cathy Cooper step down after program mismanagement revealed
March 18, 2011 -- The state’s top two administrators for the Division of Seniors and People with Disabilities have lost their jobs in connection with an investigation into a federal grant prog

Dameron Leaves Legacy on Oregon Patient Safety

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Jim Dameron retires this month from the Oregon Patient Safety Commission, which he helped create nearly a decade ago
December 15, 2010 -- Looking back on it now, there were several forces that led Jim Dameron to help create and then run Oregon's Patient Safety Commission.

Healthcare Workers Need to Have Flu Vaccinations

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A work group is attempting to increase the number of workers getting the flu vaccine with a voluntary program
November 12, 2010 -- Despite the fact that 1,316 Oregonians were hospitalized and 67 died of influenza-related illnesses last year, Oregon healthcare workers are still falling behind when it comes to vaccinating themselves for the flu.

A survey of hospitals last year revealed only about 62 percent of healthcare workers in Oregon got a flu vaccine.A statewide workgroup hopes to boost that number and encourage workers to immunize themselves against the seasonal illness.


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