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Medicaid Expansion Too Big, Too Successful and Too Politically Disruptive to Gut

Oregon’s innovative Medicaid expansion under the CCOs faces big tests with Congress and President-elect Donald Trump promising to repeal the Affordable Care Act while Oregon faces a $1.7 billion budget deficit.

For 10 years, Mel Rader, executive director of Upstream Public Health, didn’t have access to health insurance – and he was sick for more than three of those years. His experience convinces him it’s a “moral imperative to provide health insurance for those who cannot afford it.”

Clark County Expansion Provides Contrast to Oregon Medicaid System

Oregon had an incentive to get as many new Oregon Health Plan enrollees it could handle -- every new member increases revenue for the CCOs, increases the risk pool, and helps bolster finances needed to make the Medicaid system transformation work.

With 425,000 people, Clark County is the third-largest county in the Portland metro area and has more than 20 percent of the metro area’s 2.1 million residents, but the Columbia River cuts a wide gulf when it comes to healthcare access for the Northwest’s most vulnerable citizens.

Medicaid Expansion Offers Richer Benefits to 200,000 Oregonians

The public has 30 days to comment before the Oregon Heath Policy Board makes a decision


December 13, 2012 -- The 200,000 Oregonians expected to qualify for Medicaid coverage in 2014 will receive more robust benefits if the Oregon Health Policy Board approves a recommendation from the Medicaid Advisory Committee.

Now many low-income adults lack the dental, rehabilitative and optical care required by the Affordable Care Act, which expands Medicaid coverage to 133% of the poverty line. Those newcomers would receive care in the Oregon Health Plan Plus that’s already offered to children, pregnant women and people with certain disabilities.

Oregon Could Reduce Uninsured by 51 Percent Under Medicaid Expansion

Within the context of the Affordable Care Act, a new analysis simulates the effects of expanding Medicaid eligibility on cost, enrollment and uninsured numbers. Findings show that a Medicaid expansion in Oregon would cut uninsured numbers by half, increase enrollees more than six-fold, and raise spending, though relatively modestly.

November 28, 2012 -- Just as Oregon and other states are weighing whether to expand Medicaid, a step made optional by the Supreme Court’s June 2012 ruling on the Affordable Care Act (ACA), findings from a new study detailing Medicaid expansion impacts on states may help inform their choices.

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