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Lynne Saxton Reveals Her Top 10 List

The director of the Oregon Health Authority mentioned the One Eligibility system, controlling pharmacy costs, modernizing public health and regulating marijuana when she spoke at the Health Policy Board last week.

The “One Eligibility” enrollment and eligibility for Medicaid system which replaced the old Oracle system tops Lynn Saxton’s priority list. “We have to be excellent in this space. This is not the glamour stuff.

Rising Drug Costs, $500 Million Gap Concerns Lynne Saxton

Eight months into her job as director of the Oregon Health Authority, Lynne Saxton applauded the audience at State of Reform’s annual Portland conference for standing up for coordinated care organizations and getting 95 percent of Oregonians insured.

“My goal is to get everyone eligible on Medicaid and help those moving off Medicaid to insurance,” Lynne Saxton told health policy leaders gathered at the State of Reform on Tuesday.

Saxton Explains OHA House Cleaning As Need for More State Spending Looms

Oregon will have to contribute an additional $500 million in the next two-year budget to meet its share of the expansion of healthcare coverage for the state’s poorest residents. Meanwhile, the Addictions and Mental Health Division has disappeared to be combined with a separate division, and activists complain about the loss of a full-time HIV care manager.

The Oregon Health Authority has been undergoing significant restructuring on the watch of Director Lynne Saxton, forcing some painful decisions about personnel, and creating anxiety for health advocates -- but as disruptive as these changes may feel now, they’re likely to feel minor compared to t

Saxton Close to Choosing Chief Health Systems Officer; Dannenhoffer in Running

She also briefed the Health Policy Board on the financial deficits facing her agency over the next six years.

Lynne Saxton’s very close to deciding on a chief health systems officer to oversee the coordinated care organizations, and expects to announce her decision by late September, and also hire a Medicaid director by mid-October, along with an external relations director  and business IT lead.

Lynne Saxton Expects to Finalize CCO Rates Shortly

The administrator of the Oregon Health Authority, who sat down for an interview with The Lund Report, talked about the sale of Trillium to Centene Corp. and the likelihood of moving the transformational healthcare model into the private sector.

TLR: I understand you’re planning to hire someone to oversee physical and behavioral health who’s being called the healthcare czar.

Lynne Saxton Speaks Out on Public Health

The administrator of the Oregon Health Authority spoke to public health officials about modernization efforts.

Sustaining coordinated care organizations financially “dovetails with public health modernization,” according to Lynne Saxton, director of the Oregon Health Authority. “Modernization is the single greatest opportunity to integrate into the CCOs.

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