New Oregon Law Expands Insurance For Immigrants, Underserved Populations

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Cover All People will implement a $10 million program to provide health insurance to roughly 80,000 people who had no coverage.

Basic Health Plan Discussion Focused on Policy Paper by December

House Bill 2934 has been downsized from a directive to the federal government to a work group discussion that will flesh out the policy and further inform the debate for the Legislature in 2016. Advocates say the move will not delay the potential implementation of a health plan for immigrants and working-class Oregonians in 2017.

The state took a baby step towards implementing a Basic Health Plan, which would provide healthcare for thousands of legal immigrants left uninsured by Obamacare and tens of thousands of low-income people who currently qualify for subsidized health insurance on the exchange.

Immigrants Barred from Healthcare Coverage

The Lund Report
Some counties in Oregon provide pregnant women primary care, but advocates demand more services

June 13, 2012 -- Immigration status puts another layer of complexity on an already overly complex system for medical insurance coverage in Oregon and across the U.S.

Oregon’s rate of uninsured children is lower than the nation’s average after the Healthy Kids program expanded coverage to virtually all minors, but there are still residency requirements attached to the program, so undocumented kids are relegated to emergency
medical coverage only.

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