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Shirley Urges Public Health Officials to Get Involved in Reform Efforts

Speaking to health practitioners around the state, Shirley said many providers don't speak the same language as public health departments

Late last month, Lilian Shirley, director of Oregon's public health division, urged her colleagues in other states to get involved with healthcare reform efforts.

Healthcare Transformation Meets Rural Health

Eastern Oregon CCO proving it’s s possible with Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes

It’s been nearly 18 months since the first Coordinated Care Organizations got under way in Oregon. And like the rest of the healthcare industry, it’s been a time of transition, transformation and challenges.

The Eastern Oregon CCO in northeastern Oregon has had particular success reaching providers, helping them become recognized as Patient-Centered Primary Care Homes.

Workgroup Recommends Oregon Health Plan Use Doulas

Members think doulas could be easily integrated into services

February 29, 2012—A workgroup charged with studying how doulas could be incorporated into the Oregon Health Plan told legislators earlier this week that doing so could help improve birth outcomes, particularly in minority communities.

Last year, the Legislature passed House Bill 3311, which required the Oregon Health Authority to investigate how doulas and other community health workers could improve the birth outcomes of underprivileged and underserved women.

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