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Goldberg Tries to Shift Cost Containment Talk Away from Insurance Division

To hold down costs, the state health director emphasized getting more health plans to follow the care model principles employed by CCOs rather than focusing attention on the ability of the Insurance Division to hold insurance companies accountable for cost controls during premium rate hike approvals.

Sept. 11, 2013 — Gov. John Kitzhaber tasked the Oregon Health Policy Board with four areas to hold down healthcare costs, including greater oversight of rate requests by insurance companies. But the state health director, Dr. Bruce Goldberg, downplayed rate review as a way of bringing down costs at Tuesday’s meeting of the policy board.

Greenlick Ushers Stronger Rate Review Bill through House

Senate Bill 413 directs the Department of Consumer & Business Services and the Oregon Health Authority to add tools for cost containment to the health insurance rate review process, while insurers will also give consumers more notice when they seek rate changes.



June 13, 2013 — The House passed a bill that will give the Department of Consumer & Business Services new tools to challenge health insurance rates, while giving consumers more opportunity to participate in the process.

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