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Syngenta and Monsanto: Double Trouble for Jackson County

The author contends we’re at a defining moment and becoming victims of biotech recklessness in our own back yards and school yards.

OPINION -- Out-of-state biotech corporations and their allies have contributed $600,000 out of a total of more than $800,000 to fight Jackson County’s May 20 initiative to ban the growing of genetically engineered (GE or GMO) crops, an eye-popping amount for a small county election. Monsanto has given over $183,000, DuPont Pioneer nearly $130,000 and Syngenta $75,000. The Oregon Farm Bureau has donated over $50,000, much of which could be pass-through money, since it receives thousands of dollars from biotech firms.

Legislators Urged to Deny $200 Million in Bond Funding for OHSU

Dr. Kris Alman is urging legislators to not fund OHSU’s bond funding request, contending there is no return on investment for the public.

OPINION -- On the face of it, a general obligation bond for OHSU's Knight Cancer Institute seems to be a no-brainer. A down payment to match (and not a penny less) Phil Knight's $.5 Billion generous gesture. Win the war on cancer. Good paying jobs.

Keeping Our Health Information Secure from Data Breaches

Paul DeMuro contends that we all should be vigilant about unattended or misplaced portable ‎devices, whether they be phones, laptops, or whatever

OPINION -- ‎It seems like almost weekly we read about a data breach. Some data breaches reach the media because they ‎involve breaches affecting 500 people or more and are required to be reported on a government ‎website.

Big Data and Lawful Threats to Privacy

This author contends that 20th century privacy laws are not keeping up with 21st Century technology when it comes to protecting our most sensitive data.

OPINION -- “As some put it, personal data will be the new "oil" - a valuable resource of the 21st century. It will emerge as a new asset class touching all aspects of society.”

Public Health Advocates Must Derail the TranPacific Partnership

Without public input, fast-track passage of this treaty could jeopardize their important work with the threat of costly lawsuits that put profits over people

OPINION -- The mainstream media should be ashamed of its minimal attempts at informing the American people about the TranPacific Partnership (TPP).

Publicly-Owned Cooperatives Could Shine a Light on Our Healthcare System

The author contends that the free market medical system no longer meets our healthcare and suggests the communities take ownership of healthcare facilities and hire competent officials to staff them.

OPINION -- In the 1960's many airports, department stores, businesses and municipalities experimented with pay toilets as a means to generate extra revenue. Thankfully, pay toilets are a thing of the past, having been removed from our society for reasons that should be obvious to anyone with even a slight amount of common empathy.

For the Convenience of the Tobacco Companies

It’s time the Obama Administration stood up to the promotion of cigarettes and stop caving into the industry.


OPINION -- September 4, 2013 -- Oregon holds the dubious distinction of ranking number one in the country for retailers illegally selling cigarettes to underage kids. Moreover, we have ranked number one three out of the past five years and ranked in the top five the other two years.


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