Data on Kaiser 'Exercise as a Vital Sign' Still Preliminary

The Lund Report
Physicians hope that by talking to patients about their physical activity levels they can get information about barriers, and advocate for changes in the community


February 7, 2013 – Despite numerous correlations between exercise and long-term health, doctors don't necessarily ask patients how often they work out and what they do – unless the patient is being seen for a sports injury, heart problem or other issue directly related to exercise.

Kaiser Physicians Incorporate Exercise into Every Visit

The Lund Report
The effort is part of a multi-organizational push to make exercise a vital sign

October 31, 2012 – Physicians working for Kaiser in Oregon and California are now treating exercise as a vital sign. That is, patients are asked how much exercise they get per week, for both routine checkups and acute care visits – regardless of the nature of the visit.

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